A Personal Note From Founder and President, Lewis Nelms:

Catch the Vision!  That's my hope for every Christian.  In Acts 1:8, only moments before His departure to heaven, Jesus gave His final instructions to all believers.  He told us to proclaim the Gospel to the entire world.  What a task - to take the Gospel to every nation, every tribe, and every people.  Jesus wanted everyone to have a chance to hear about God's love!
But, how can the average Christian accomplish this global mandate?  It's so enormous!  It's so distant!  One way which has proven to be quite effective is by assisting national preachers in proclaiming the Gospel within their own nations.  These preachers are capable and trained; they know the language and culture; and, they have a heart to reach their own people with the Gospel.  They just lack resources.  They need ministry partners who will stand beside them in prayer and with their finances.  And with just a few ministry partners, these national preachers can be freed up to serve full-time and be equipped with the resources they need for maximum effectiveness.  
This method of global evangelism works.  It really works!  And, it is so simple that every Christian can participate.  I hope you will look over the website and take the time to ponder the benefits of assisting a national preacher. Hundreds have been approved for sponsorship assistance and are prayerfully awaiting help.  Would you become an Acts 1:8 Christian and assist a national preacher in taking the Gospel to the most distant places on earth?  Thank you for your prayerful consideration.
Catch the Vision!
Lewis Nelms