1.  Each Gospelink preacher must meet four steps of initial accountability to qualify for assistance.

THEIR RECOMMENDATION // Recommendations are only accepted from a trusted source (such as a Western missionary, a mission board or a currently assisted national preacher). Those submitting recommendations must have a long-term, personal relationship with the one being referred.

THEIR APPLICATION // A thorough application must be completed by all national preachers seeking assistance. Their doctrine, training, previous and current ministry experience, and family history are all evaluated.

THEIR EXPERIENCE // In order to be considered for assistance, a national preacher must have already participated in the planting of at least one church.

THEIR APPROVAL // The regional and national directors must evaluate and approve each preacher being considered for assistance. In addition to the Biblical requisites, their character and reputation are considered.


2.  Once met, efforts are made to provide the national preacher with financial assistance. To maintain their assistance through Gospelink, the remaining steps of accountability must be followed:

THEIR WRITTEN ACCOUNTABILITY // All national preachers are required to complete a quarterly ministry report. A copy of this report will be translated from the original (if necessary) and filed with Gospelink while a second copy is sent to each sponsor.

THEIR VISUAL ACCOUNTABILITY // All preachers have access to a camera and will send occasional photographs of their ministry involvement.

THEIR LOCAL ACCOUNTABILITY // The national and regional directors distribute the funds and ministry reports to each sponsored preacher quarterly. While with the preacher, they can provide counsel, encouragement, and guidance, as well as on-site ministry observation and verification.

THEIR ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY // In addition to the on-site examination by the national boards, regular accountability trips are taken by the Gospelink staff, the board of directors, and USA representatives. During these trips, the preachers are encouraged, further training is provided, and much of their ministry work is verified.