Gospelink has competitive openings for substantive internships at our Lynchburg, VA headquarters. Internships are voluntary and offer individuals an extraordinary opportunity for real life experience in fulfilling key elements of Gospelink’s mission. These are significant areas for organizational development in order to boost your resume and assist with critical ministry work to support over 1,300 national preachers, orphans, and student leaders around the world.

We are seeking candidates to help with the following internship positions:

Communication Internship

This internship is available to individuals with a strong writing orientation. In working with missionaries from eleven countries around the world, Gospelink needs an individual who can assimilate, consolidate, and highlight what God is doing in the lives of these missionaries. It would include sorting through and summarizing some of the individual reports we receive from national preachers as well as creatively writing for various formats. The emphasis would be both on internet oriented writing such as blogs and web site updates as well as writing for donor correspondence. Excellent skills in English, writing, and communication are all relevant for this internship.

Creative Media Internship

This internship is offered to fill the needs of ongoing web development and implementation. It requires an individual oriented in effective graphics to take critical mission concepts and communicate them visually. This individual should have a desire to explore new web technologies for delivering the mission’s message, utilize various internet tools, and coordinate various social networking sites to facilitate effective communication. Creativity, graphics, web design, and communication skills are all important elements of this internship.

Marketing Internship

This internship is open to individuals with a desire to effectively spread the message of what Gospelink is doing. It requires one who has a heart for missions and a tenacious quest to have others take part in what God is doing around the world. It would involve initiating new opportunities for development, talking with potential sponsors, exploring internet based tools for disseminating the message, and wisely gauging your activities. This opportunity would require a heart for the Lord’s work around the world coupled with a creative marketing orientation, effective communication skills, and a good dose of persistence.

Have other internship ideas? If you have other suggestions of how your major could fit into a missionary organization, please contact us.

When to apply. For collegiate credit, you will need to comply with your college’s deadline requirements. Gospelink would like to fill these internship opportunities for the spring, summer, and fall terms. For Gospelink’s purposes, internship applications should be submitted by January 15, April 15, and July 15 for the spring, summer, and fall terms, respectively.

Want to know more? For general information about these or other internship opportunities, please contact us.

Individuals interested in pursuing an internship will need to submit a resume and a cover letter explaining both your general interest in a Gospelink internship and which area particularly interests you.

Part of the application process will include considering references and possibly portfolio samples for the internship area.

Interns will need to secure their own housing arrangements.