Preacher Sponsorship Program Explained

The Program Explained
Thousands of people across the developing world know Christ as their Savior and have answered the call of God to enter the ministry. Many of these preachers live in some of the world's poorest countries and lack the resources needed to be full-time in the ministry. Gospelink seeks to link these national preachers with Christians from the West who want to make a global spiritual impact with their resources. To learn more about the benefits of assisting a national preacher, click here

Each national preacher is permitted to receive a total of five (5) sponsorships. These sponsorships range in amount from $20.00 to $40.00 per month.  To learn more about the three sponsorship types, click here. Sponsorships may be selected in any combination. Even if all five sponsorships are selected, the amount would only be $170.00 per month, which is much less than the amount needed to send the typical Western missionary overseas.

The National Preacher Sponsorship is open-ended.  If a sponsorship must be ended, sponsors are asked to give as much notice as possible (to allow the time needed for Gospelink to secure another sponsorship for that preacher).

The national preacher receives 80% of the total sponsorship amount.  (The remaining 20% is used for accountability and administration).The national preacher receives 100% of any funds in excess of the regular sponsorship amount.

The National Preacher Sponsorship funds may be donated monthly, quarterly, or annually.  (If desired, an Electronic Fund Transfer Program, or EFT, is available for the sponsor’s convenience.)

Who can assist a National Preacher? Individuals, families, Bible study groups, churches, Christian schools, organizations, etc.

Sponsors will receive a quarterly report from the preacher they sponsor. The report is a minimum of five pages and is often accompanied by photographs of the preacher involved in ministry work. If desired, sponsors may write their preachers. Any correspondence should be sent through Gospelink's main office in Virginia. If desired, sponsors may also visit their preacher overseas. This is typically scheduled in conjunction with a regular mission trip conducted by a Gospelink USA mission representative. To see the upcoming Gospelink trips which have been scheduled, click here.

To select a National Preacher to assist, click here.