Student Leader Sponsorship Program Explained

IBC Students are young men and women attending Gospelink's International Bible College in Zambia. For $50 per month, you can partner with one such student, enabling them to grow their roots deep in God's Word and get equipped for ministry. Each student is allowed three (3) sponsorships, totaling $150 per month.

The Student Sponsorship is open-ended.  If a sponsorship must be ended prior to the student's graduation, sponsors are asked to give as much notice as possible (to allow the time needed for Gospelink to secure another sponsorship for that student).  When a student graduates, the sponsor will be contacted to determine if they would like to: continue assisting the graduate (if they are entering into full-time ministry), begin assisting another student, or discontinue their sponsorship altogether.

The student sponsorship funds are designated like the other sponsorship funds offered through Gospelink (80% for the student, 20% for accountability and administration).  The sponsorship portion designated for the student is used to cover their monthly food, water, housing, sanitation, electricity, transportation, educational supplies, medical supplies, and some textbooks.

Donations for student sponsorships may be made monthly, quarterly, or annually. If desired, an automatic withdrawal - EFT - is available for the sponsor’s convenience.

Sponsors will receive a quarterly report from their student. Occasional photographs may accompany the report. If desired, sponsors may (and are encouraged to) write their student. Any correspondence should be sent through Gospelink's main office in Virginia. If desired, sponsors may also visit their student at the International Bible College in Zambia. This trip is typically scheduled in conjunction with a regular mission trip conducted by a Gospelink USA mission representative. To see upcoming trips which have been scheduled, click here.

To select a student to assist, click here.