Believers have inhabited the nation of India since the apostle Thomas arrived, yet it remains one of the most largely unreached nations in the world. According to Operation World, India's constitution provides for full religious freedom of worship and witness for all religions. The rise of Hindutva extremism resulted in a hate campaign against Muslims in the early 1990s and against Christians in the late 1990s as being followers of 'foreign' religions. Anti-conversion legislation and imposing legal restrictions on Christian activities has been strongly demanded. Some states have enacted such legislation and condoned a rising wave of violence and even murder of Christian workers. Many are concerned at the practical erosion of guaranteed religious freedoms.  Persecution index 29th in the world.

Christian leaders (especially pastors) face intense opposition, risking their lives each and every day. Yet they remain faithful to God's call on their lives, clinging to Jesus' promise in Matthew 28, that He is with us always - even to the end. Our Indian preachers are listed below and are in need of sponsorship. We urge you to read their testimonies and consider partnering with them.

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