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Giving Online

** MISSION TRIP PAYMENTS:  All trip payments (for yourself, someone you support, etc.) should be made via ELECTRONIC CHECK (no credit card payments for this category, please). Thank you. **

2 OPTIONS FOR SECURE ONLINE DONATIONS: Credit Card and Electronic Check

Note: Transaction Fees.
Credit card companies charge a processing fee of roughly 3% of each donation. Through the generous support of donors who help with the general operations, the ministry will endeavor to cover this fee. However, Gospelink reserves the right to deduct 3% from the designated donation to cover this processing fee. You will always receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount of the gift.

E-checks are the most cost-effective online giving option. It's using a check without paying the postage! To give via e-check, you will need your routing number and bank account number, which you can get from one of your physical checks.


        *  For Sponsorships: include YOUR sponsor number and the sponsored individual's NAME and NUMBER
        *  For purchased items: please include appropriate details, like quantity, size, etc.
        *  For Christmas gifts: please include RECIPIENT AND GIFT
        *  For multiple donations: designate how much and to whom you're giving for each
        *  For trip payments (E-CHECK ONLY): specify who the donation is for, destination of trip, etc.

Repeating Gifts: You have the option of giving a one-time gift or of setting up a recurring donation (monthly, quarterly, etc.).  The recurring option is highly recommended for ALL sponsors and consistent donors. You can change or stop your repeating gift at any time.

Can the same donation be split between multiple funds? Yes! You can easily select two or more funds.

What about bill payment services? This is another alternative of payment by check. When you process your payments online through your financial institution, establish Gospelink as a Payee and make your contributions like you would pay your other Payees. Make sure and note any designations or sponsorship information in the memo section of the payment.

Questions about giving online? Call our VA office between 8AM and 5PM EST at 434-485-7007.
We'd be happy to walk you through the giving process!