Gospelink Store

Welcome to Gospelink's new online store! We hope you find what you're looking for. Currently, there are just a few items available for purchase - look for more in the future! Any of these items can be purchased ONLINE or by mail. Note that all purchases of goods are NOT tax-deductible.


Ninani Walaya // We Are One - $12.50 (includes s/h)
It's long been the desire of our Bible College students to record a Worship CD. There's little that our students are more passionate about than leading others in worship of King Jesus. While touring in AL, GA, and SC, 6 students from the college were given the opportunity to record their songs on an album.



(DVD) Malawi: Through Their Eyes - $12 each (includes s/h)
  Gospelink representative Dean Kershner presents interviews with SEVEN national preachers from the nation of Malawi. Watch this DVD and you will have a better understanding of the day-to-day lives of our national preachers; you will see how our sponsorship program has transformed their ministry; and your heart will melt as you listen to their stories. You don't want to miss out. This is also a great way to help other believers understand what Gospelink is all about! Get it today!