Gospelink T-Shirts

We would love to see a surge in the number of sponsors and, therefore, in the number of nationals we can support! You can help us make that happen by getting your very own Gospelink T-Shirt. Buy one, and you will:

   * Spread the word out about Gospelink!
   * Empower Gospelink to continue spreading the Gospel to the nations!
   * Have a great new t-shirt to wear!

Hundreds of t-shirts have gone out and people are raving about the feel, the fit, and the look!

Price: $10 each (including s/h) **Limited Time**
Sizes: Small - Large Available

Description: Light-weight cotton (5oz); fitted; navy color with Carolina blue and white print; Gospelink logo on front; slogan on back; website on hemline of the right sleeve.

(For all online orders, select "Gospelink Store" from the first dropdown, and then "T-Shirts" from the second)